Code of conduct for all timber flooring technicians on the Gold Coast

At Triple M Flooring Company we believe in old-fashioned service. We not only care about your new floor but also about the way we go about it. We have created a Code Of Conduct for our flooring technicians on the Gold Coast so you know what to expect from us during your new flooring installation process.

You know the cost in advance

We will inform you about all the costs involved before you commit yourself to your new timber flooring project. We do not have hidden costs or fine prints.

We come on time

We come on scheduled day and time. If for some unforseen reason we cannot make the appointment, we will notify you on the phone beforehand, arranging next closest appointment.

We explain what we do

We believe that you deserve to know what is happening so if you wish, we will keep you informed all along the way. All our timber flooring technicians on the Gold Coast are more then happy to explain in lame terms all the stages of installation.

Uniforms and personal appearance

We take special pride in our appearance. All our timber flooring technicians on the Gold Coast will come  shaven and showered, in clean company uniforms.

We work clean and organised

We organise our work in such a manner as to minimise our presence in your home.

We take our rubbish with us

We will take all our rubbish and packaging with us after completion so all what is left after the installation is your new floor. 

We vacuum your new floor

All newly installed timber floors are vacuumed clean and ready for your furniture.

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