Our flooring services for the wider Gold Coast include:

Flooring Installation

We professionally install all types of floating floors including:

  • Engineered pre-finished 14mm
  • Laminate 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
  • Bamboo 14mm
  • Vinyl floating planks and tiles
  • All click systems and T&G (Tongue & Groove)

Supply of flooring

We come to you with our mobile shop to save you time and money on your new flooring purchase. We have access to a wide range of flooring available on the market at trade prices. When you buy flooring from us, you not only get a good quality product but also save money as we pay trade price (20-25 % cheaper then retail) and pass the savings to you.


We specialize in custom overlaying staircases with any timber or laminate product. We can create a stunning timber staircase out of an ordinary carpet covered stairs- timber or concrete - see our picture gallery.


We can remove and reposition your existing skirting boards or supply and install new if required. Skirtings and Scotias (quad beading) are important finishing touches to enhance your new floor.

Trimming doors

We can trim your doors if the new flooring stands higher and prevents the doors from opening and closing freely.

Furniture removal and reposition

We can remove and reposition all your furniture before and after installation if required so all you have to do is enjoy your new floor.

Flooring repairs

We repair or replace damaged floorboards in your floating floor as well as correct installation mistakes and faults of other “tradesmen”. According to our data, 9 out of 10 floating floors on The Gold Coast have installation faults (even when installed by “a professional”)

Expert advice

We understand that choosing the right type of flooring can be a challenge. Our expert flooring technician on The Gold Coast will advise you on the right type of flooring suitable to your purpose. He will take into account many variables such as:

  • Design of the house and its purpose (owner occupied or rental)
  • Amount of light and its sources
  • Pets and kids in the house
  • Type of sub-floor
  • Furniture layout
  • Your budget

New Kitchen Installation and new Timber Flooring

We coordinate Timber Flooring installation with other project,specialy a new kitchen installation, at no extra cost. It is very important to coordinate these two projects simultaneously as to obtain professional finish for both - Kitchen and Timber Flooring. Its best if we cooperate with the kitchen tradesmen in the begining stages of planing and manufacturing of your new kitchen as to advise them of the best way of aproch. In the end you will have the best Timber Floor and the best of kitchen installation, avoiding the " add on" look.  

Handyman jobs

Our flooring technicians on The Gold Coast are so versatile, they are also able to do most of handymen jobs so you don’t need to call anyone else for this minor (or major) jobs around the house. We can do as much or as little as you want us to do. You are the boss.

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Bamboo stairs completed by Triple M Flooring on the Gold Coast

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